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I bought FTL since it was on sale on Steam and.... I must really suck or have terrible luck because I had three straight games where I basically died after 3-4 FTL jumps while still in the first sector.

RIP Young Justice, final episode came out yesterday and man, what a cliffhanger. Last episode was kind of a mixed bag since they tried doing too much in one episode. A few important plot points were solved way too conveniently, though that's all I'm going to say.

I've finished up all the DLC on my ME3 playthrough but I'm having trouble bringing myself to do the final Earth mission. I feel like if I do it'll finally be the end, and I don't want it to end.

Halo 4, you're dead to me now. I'm officially fed up with the amount of bullshit that I have to put up. 343 has just lost themselves a long time Halo fan.

What the fuck is with all the people posting pictures of that one guy in a box defecating on himself?

This dophin hand puppet came up in the similarly bought items feed when I was looking up game downloads on Amazon. Hilariously all the reviews for it were Archer related.

So I have all these Sims 3 Expansions that I can't play cause my laptop died, and I'm still using my old hand-me-down replacement. It's fine for playing TF2, and could theoretically run the Sims, but I have no desire to start up a game and then lose all my progress once I get a new laptop.

So Young Justice is officially back in full swing again and the latest episodes took no time moving the plot forward.

So I just started playing Orcs Must Die 2, and it's incredibly annoying to have a game designed around co-op not have a co-op matchmaking feature.

Here's my Top Games of 2012, it's not a Top 10 because I didn't get to play that many games this year =/

I didn't think Assassins Creed 3 could piss me off anymore than it already did, but then I went and tried the multiplayer and holy crap, it's almost as much of a cluster fuck as the single player portion.