Internet Search Not Working on My Computer.

So this is entirely gaming unrelated but I figured I'd check here for help since the issue is affecting my ability to check other sites.

Google Chrome has been freaking out today. The search bar has stopped working temporarily, and the omnibox will fail to search. This is particularly frustrating since it also pertains to other Google sites.


I will occasionally get a message in the Chrome tab saying 'Google Search App has failed' or something along those lines. When searching for certain sites it will give me the 'Google Search has failed to find X site'. What site fails to get found seems entirely random. A search for CNN will work fine, but Gizmodo will 'fail to be found' even if I try and go there through the link on Kotaku.

So I tried using IE9 and the problem seems to have jumped to there as well. Any searches through Bing or Google will fail. I'm not sure if this is a problem I'm having with my laptop, or my internet in general. I'm running Windows 7 on an old HP Elitebook 8440p.

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