Halo 4, you're dead to me now. I'm officially fed up with the amount of bullshit that I have to put up. 343 has just lost themselves a long time Halo fan.

I had to spend 20 minutes looking for a match since their servers were being retarded, then once I do start a match, I start off great and then I lose my 9 kill spree because my Damage Boost OD was bugged and didn't work so I got gunned down by a guy I shot 8 times.


Then the game took away my loadouts and I had an epic death spree because I was stuck using an Assault Rifle and Pistol on a large open map. Then I got fed up and rage quit since there was no point in playing a broken match any longer.

Edit: Now it's telling me that I can't connect to Xbox Live, WTF.

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