FTL and Wasted Time

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Please forgive the ranting nature of the following post, this is my first TAY post.


So I recently started playing FTL again, and... it's been a rough experience. I'd like to think of myself as decently experienced with the game. I've unlocked 5 ships and several alternative layouts. I've only ever beaten the game on Easy mode, but as anyone who's ever played FTL can attest that 'Easy' is still incredibly challenging.

While I the game is a massive time sink, but not always in a good way. It's hard to shake the sensation that the game is wasting your time, especially when you lose. A large part of this is simply due to the random nature of the game. You never really know if the game will straight up throw you an unlucky streak and you over.


Bad encounters ending in lop-sided fights are common, but the real kicker are the random events. There's no guarantee you won't run into an event that will just rob you of a vital crew member or cripple your ship before the start of the fight. Sometimes you'll have options, but often times you'll wind up in a lose-lose scenario.

And there-in lies the main problem I have with the game, that it has no naturally scaling difficulty because skill amounts to nothing due to the random nature of the game. It's entirely possible to be overwhelmed in your first encounter or have a perfect run ruined late game by an unforeseen event.

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